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photo of ferns, forest, sun



Columbia River Gorge
by Melanie Green

The green and the dark of the trees in mist.

Comfort of the seen and unseen.

Each fir: calligraphy for a ragged yearning.

Hawk on the wind. Blue rain and the river.

is time. Hill blue distant hill distant blue.

hill. A quiet sum.

Caesar salad, salmon chowder, cheese cake.

Heat sweet cedar sweet sauna sweating.

the naked be slow.

What purse of fire do you carry?.

Tomorrow I'll be so tired.

none of this will matter to me.

Sword ferns, rill, wren in the brushpile.

Red single engine plane low through the valley.

of the shadow of now.

The river is time.

I remember. It matters.

(Previously published in Manzanita Quarterly).

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