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Kevorky's KOSMOS

What's the difference between disability-rights advocates like Not Dead Yet and "Right to Lifers"? The issue is choice. Most of us are pro-choice, respecting a woman's right to an abortion and an adult's right to die. But we're concerned about informed choice. In a society that still regards disability as "a fate worse than death," too many disabled people can make an ill-informed choice ... or, worse, have the choice made for them.

Woman wearing ACLU button: 'I don't see the courts doing anything but 

throwing up their hands.' Kevorky: 'Think that's dignified? Not by a long shot! Had Christ died in 

my van, with people around Him who loved Him ... that would be far more 

dignified. In my rusty van. I am not on a crusade. I'm a doctor.' *
Blond doctor: 'Some saw

Kevorkian as a saint. Others figured him for the Devil. But ultimately,

the issue was about more than him.'

* Some of our cartoonist's friends who saw the proofs of this page
before publication asked us what kind of wild and wacky sense of humor
is needed to come up with ideas as crazy as this. We'd like everyone to know,
however, that we can't take the credit or the blame: These are all
actual quotes from Dr. Death.

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