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July/August 1997

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The Next Question

The speech therapist read him
the next question from the workbook:
Tomorrow is three days before Tuesday;
what is yesterday? At first,
he tried to laugh; she must
have read him a joke. She said,
No, there really is
an answer. He asked her
to repeat the question. This time,
he heard only the fun
of the wording and missed the meaning
again. Once more,
he told her to read. Then, he asked her
for a calendar; he finally
saw the question talked about time,
three kinds, at least.
But he still couldn't figure out
the mystery. So, he thought,
the question matters to me, but never
the answer. My brain
must work that way now.
The way it worked before.

--Richard E. Mc Mullen

In Hanging Loose. Reprint rights granted by publisher


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