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January/February 1997
Electric Edge

Aphasiac's Plea

    Words form spume that have sea growths within
    of joy or pain, for all but us. In vain
    we grieve for wrecks of selves, thus lives. Smitten
    brains, by surging or clotted blood -- few gain

    access to our wisdom, to which pain endured
    gave birth-sparse speech, in acronymic ways,
    absurd to those who float on signs! Ungird
    yourself of foaming talk. Read eyes, abase

    word's worship -- listen hard. Find hurting hearts.
    Once done, communion comes like answered prayer.
    Shards of basic sense float up, then start
    to coalesce. That which aphasiacs dare

    to offer cuts through vapidity. A gull
    hooks tender fare from foam -- another miracle!

    -- Lydia P. Priest

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