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April 21, 2006

Calling female disabled writers!

I invite you to contribute to a book that will examine the way physical disability is shown and used in children's fiction. The books will be those written specifically for, and read by, girls in the twentieth century. It is hoped that most, or all, of the contributors will be disabled women, thus giving a unique slant to the publication that will be applying the social model of disability to the subject. This will bring individual perspectives to the book and will highlight the contributor's opinions about the portrayals of disability or illness in children's fiction from the last century.

The book, as yet unnamed, is to be divided into three sections: Role Models, Inclusion/Separation and Good vs. Evil with a date range of Early (1900-36), Middle (1936-1970) and Modern (1970-2001) within each section.

Contact me via the website if you want more information.

Posted by Helen Aveling