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April 10, 2006

New consumer group in western kansas, members wanted.

Holding meetings monthly to empower,inform & educate the disabled on government policy on all levels .

Government due process functions on community,state & federal scale and must be addressed on all levels to be fully understood .

CAPPCA , stands for Community Action Public Policy Change Agents .

National mainstream media just don't see the importantence of doing a human interest story on such ventures as ours ,we majorlly need the support of those in media who can provide us true justice in understanding what we are totally and what we are working so hard to achieve in all our task to ensure equal communication and understanding between elected officials and the disabled consumer/citizen.

I urge all to contact me on our efforts and learn just how you in your own region may be able to become a consumer advocate to make a positive impact in the lives of all who may not be able enough to speak for themselves .

Information Request may be forwarded to me via e-mail :

Posted by KendallHornback