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April 14, 2006

The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group To Host Dr. Darin Burdman, DC

The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group

To Host Dr. Darin Burdman, DC, Chiropractor At Congregation Ansche Chesed 251 West 100th St. NY, 10025 (Between B'way & West End Ave.)

Please use The Entrance On 100th Street.

On Thursday April 27th, @ 7:00 PM
(Doors open @ 6:30 PM)
Dr. Burdman will discuss ways in which Chiropratic treatment can relieve ADD/ADHD like symtoms.

Most people see a chiropractor for relief from pain or tension or spasms of the back or neck. And, through a practitioner's hands-on manipulation of these regions, that's often what they get.

But some chiropractors see a wider role for the spinal corridor -- the backbone and neckbone; the 26 attached horizontal bones; the discs which cushion the bones; the hinges, or joints, which connect the bones; the sacs which contain joint-lubricating fluid; the surounding muscles and ligaments; and the nerve-cell projection known as the spinal cord -- in overall human health. This includes mental health.

Some think that a distortion in one of the above can pinch a nerve, which can then send a faulty electrical signal upward -- and into the brain. They suppose that -- independent of any pain -- such errant signaling can cause cognitive or behavioral confusion. One form of confusion is ADD.

Might such neural "noise" be reduced by -- somehow -- adjusting that which abuts the spinal cord? Some would say yes. On April 27, we'll hear from a clinician who claims success in relieving ADD-type symptoms through spinal-corrdor manipulation.

Darin Burdman ( graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in Whittier, California, in 1985. Dr. Burdman then worked at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, as well as privately. After moving here, he worked at the New York Center for Pain Management and Physical Therapy, in Brooklyn; at the Haym Solomon Home for the Aged, also in Brooklyn; and privately in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Posted by Robert