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July 10, 2006

Book for Cure

My husband and I have decided to publish my book ourselves. I'm tired of waiting for an answer. In order to figure out how many we need for the first run - I'd like to know how many of you will be interested in buying a copy?

I have written a book about my journey dealing with living with a SCI re-named "The Silent Minority-No More." As you also know this book was written to educate the AB community on what a SCI really means and the fact that a cure can and will be found with their help. It explains in detail what the different current cure options are really about and how they can help.

I have a wonderful endorsement written by Dr. Young that will be included in the book jacket. Portions of the proceeds from this book will also go to current viable clinical trials.

The book can be purchased by sending me an email letting me know you are interested in a copy. Also, please let your friends and family know and request they inform their friends and family. This book won't do us any good unless it is read.


Debbie Kelsoe

A chapter by chapter outline can be found on in the "BOOK" forum.

Posted by Debbie Kelsoe