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August 5, 2005 -- The following list is by no means exhaustive, and it's also likely to be out of date by the time you look at it. Click on some of the links; most bloggers have their own links column so you can find yet more blogs. We also don't promise that these blogs match the editorial politics of Ragged Edge. Some are pro-cure. Our criteria was that 1) it was a blog (at the time we put it up here) 2) it was about disability and 3) it seemed to be updated on a regular basis. As to being about disability: some sites recommended to us may be run by a disabled blogger, but as far as we could tell, the site wasn't about disability (or only vaguely or occasionally about it). Your best bet for keeping up with the world o' blogs is to click on the links below, go to some blogs, click on their links, and so on. Build your own blog, create your own links.

A list of some other disability blogs

  • 19th Floor, The
  • Adventures of Gimpy Girl, The
  • Angry Gimp, The
  • Autism Diva
  • ballastexistenz
  • Becky's Journal
  • been broken
  • Bert's Mind
  • Big Fat Blog
  • Blind Chance: David Faucheux's Audio Web Log
  • Broken Clay
  • Cancer Giggles
  • David's Access
  • Deaf Jake's Blog
  • Diary of a Goldfish
  • "Did I Miss Something?"
  • Disabilities Unlimited
  • Disability is an Art...
  • Disability Law (rights)
  • Disability Law (Social Security)
  • Disability Studies, Temple U.
  • DisPoet
  • Fangworld
  • General observations using DisabilityStudies
  • GhettoRiverNymph
  • Gimp Girl
  • Gimp Parade, The
  • Gimpy Mumpy
  • Ill-Informed Ramblings of a Cripple, The
  • Indy Crip
  • Iron Jawed Angel
  • JeffSpace
  • Lisy Babe
  • Marvin's Laurent, SD Blog
  • Militant Crip
  • My life's Adventure (schizophrenia)
  • NAG (John Kelly)
  • neurodiversity weblog
  • No Pity
  • Nodakwheeler
  • Ouch!
  • Personal Eye View
  • Rolling Rains Report
  • What? Why? How?
  • Wheelz Life Notes



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