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My Mistake...

... was inserting the wrong link into my "Verse 5" blog entry earlier today. Here's the correct address for the Daily Kos entry I made this morning about aborting Down syndrome fetuses.

Even more comments have come in by now. Gives a really interesting insight into what people who populate this leftie blog / forum think about aborting disabled fetuses.

See for yourself. This really is the right link -- right here.

If you're inclined, please go and post a comment to balance stuff out.


I'd rather comment here. A few times a year, I get a phone call from an expectant parent (not always the mother), because they just got a prenatal diagnosis similar to my son's diagnosis (not DS, something much rarer), and they want to talk to someone about it. And by "someone," they mean someone who knows something besides medical studies and statistics. So we talk, about the whole works. Most of the time, I never hear from them again, and that's fine; whatever their decision, at least I know at least they made the effort to learn something first. "Choice," which I firmly support, requires information, and doctors just don't have the most relevant information for parents facing that choice.

It is time for people to confront their prejudices. Time to ask the questions that no one dare ask.

The issue, at its core, is a relativly simple one - would the fetus be aborted if the screening did not reveal (insert condition)? If so, then the issue is one of whether or not one wants/can handle children and not necessarily problematic for so-called pro-choicers.

But... if the answer is no, well, the prejudice becomes glaringly obvious. And increasingly problematic.

Mary, if you want to have a Down Syndrome's child, you are free to do so. But, you and other members of the disability movement have absolutely no right to dictate to others what their choice should be. Again, it is your dictatorial attitude that is turning people off.

Personally, I would abort a Down Syndrome fetus. It is a cold world and I would prefer not to bring anyone not equipped to deal with trials and tribulations into it. Unless they are among the small minority of high achievers, most Down Syndrome people are not capable of taking care of themselves. That is sufficient reason not to bring such a person into the world, only to leave him abandoned to its harshness when one dies.