'Lucky Leg' Brings Steelers Win

Continuing our saga of William Gray's lucky leg coverage in the Louisville Courier-Journal -- this from today's paper -- front page of the Metro Section:

About 30 minutes before kickoff, the chanting began inside the smoky, crowded, Steeler-crazed R Place Pub in Lyndon.

"Lucky Leg! Lucky Leg! Lucky Leg!"

William Gray, 40, hoisted his prosthetic limb covered with Pittsburgh Steelers logos, gave it a kiss, as a champion would greet a trophy, and then passed it around for fellow fans to bless with kisses.

Gray, the vice president of Louisville's Steelers fan club, explained that he wore his spare plain prosthetic limb yesterday because he knew Lucky Leg would be in demand at R Place.

Lucky Leg has been credited by some members of the Louisville chapter of the Gold and Black Brigade with sparking the team to the Super Bowl....( Read rest of story, Waving towels, limb, Steelers fans elated from the Louisville Courier-Journal.)

See last week's blog entry about the Lucky Leg..

Nothing like a lucky prosthetic leg for a little disability cool, I guess.

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