Gally Protest Renewed

On Thursday the revived Gallaudet campus protest movement erupted into the mainstream news again -- just as students had promised it would. Summer vacation did not abate the anger over the appointment of Jane Fernandes to succeed president I. King Jordan; if anything, it seems to have exacerbated it.

The most current blogging about this unfolding situation seems to be going on at and blogger Elisa also links to lots of other blogs.

Deaf Weekly has a special report here, with lots of links, too.

Last spring Ragged Edge Online ran several stories: What's Fueling Gally Students' Anger? and Gallaudet Protest Coverage and Protests Strengthen at Gallaudet Over New Prez; Faculty Join In might be useful for some "historical" perspective -- history in this case being months old.

In early September Ragged Edge got this press release from the Unity for Gallaudet website which began, "The FSSA Coalition [the acronym stands for "faculty, staff, students and alumni] expresses indignation at the self-serving letters sent to constituents of Gallaudet University and the deaf community by the Drs. Brenda Jo Brueggemann, I. King Jordan, and Jane K. Fernandes." That sets the general tone of things, it seems.

With blogs and YouTube, one hardly needs the mainstream "news" anymore, and that's particularly true of this protest. Traditional news sources are mostly of interest to see how reporters and the chattering classes are interpreting things. For that, Google News is always a good source. This a.m. we found two good ones from
Inside Higher Ed and The Washington Post -- and there were nearly 200 other news items as well.

Follow the breaking news via Google News via this link.

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