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It's feed time again.

OK, all you RSS devotees, we're moved! If you've come here from the old Edge-Centric on Blogger, please change your bookmark: Our new and hopefully permanent home is here, at http://www.raggededgemagazine.com/blogs/edgecentric/.
You folks who get this: Would you please drop us an email letting us know you're getting it? editor@raggededgemagazine.com? Thanks! In a few days we should have all the old archives indexed here. If not, go back over to Blogger... we think they're still there! The xml feed option to sign up for this feed is over in the righthand column on the webpage.


I tried to add it to my Yahoo! feed and it only gave me the option to remove, so I'm assuming it made the change automatically. I came here from the Yahoo! feed.

Yep; others have also emailed me to tell me it seems to be working! Thanks to all who alerted me to the problem! Onward and upward, or onward, or whatever...

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