Make it happen in Biloxi!

From the Biloxi Sun Herald:

As part of this week's Renewal Forum ... experts from around the nation are [now in] South Mississippi to offer suggestions about ways to rebuild neighborhoods and cities that retain the Coast's character. .... Steve Mouzon, a Miami-based architect, will lead the architectural team. ...
"If we do our job well, then what is going to happen is Mississippi will be the standard-bearer and the example to the whole nation how to build things well," Mouzon said.

This doesn't include housing you can get in and out of if you're in a wheelchair. I blogged about this yesterday, but there's no time to lose, so I'm pressing you again. Please email the folks who are covering all this for the Biloxi paper. Here's the list. Please, please send that email.

October 14, 2005 | Email this story


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So it turns out that if you send an email to the threesome suggested, it'll get posted on the newspaper's blog--mine was!

I don't mind at all, but I just wanted to let this be known. I saw at least one other likely Edge-Centric reader featured in the list of comments, too.

Posted by: Penny on October 15, 2005 12:20 AM

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