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Sex Slave Group Home Case -- Beyond Ineptitude

The Kansas Sex Slave Group Home case continues to reverberate, giving us, I think, a graphic example of just how little society and the public agencies we have set up to "provide for" people with disabilities actually care for them -- particularly people with psychiatric disabilities. Especially them.

I'm referring to the Kaufman House Abuse Case -- referred to as the "Sex Slave Group Home" -- the Wichita, KS "sex slave farm" masquerading as a "group home for the mentally ill," as Dave Reynolds put it in Inclusion Daily (which we have on Ragged Edge Online here). Linda and Arlan Kaufman were convicted in early November on federal charges of fraud and conspiracy, and the trial was a lurid affair.


The whole thing is just really, really sad. :-(

i am in absolute shock. it is surreal to read something like this. people with psychiatric disorders/issues have enough struggle in daily life without such horrific experiences adding as well. how excrutiating this must haved been for those inhabitants! i hope bigger agencies like human rights watch can look into things like this.
i hope the people who were victims in this case were given extra help to recover from what would cause any "normal" person years of anguish and confusion and pain.

i am posting about this case on my website. abuse cases like this should be common american knowledge.

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