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No surprise here for disability rights activists, but seems now a researcher out in San Diego -- a psychiatrist -- has discovered that -- surprise! -- "physical health" is not a good indicator of "successful aging."

"For most people, worries about their future aging involve fear of physical infirmity, disease or disability," said the press release about Dilip Jeste's study, but said that the "findings appear to contradict the widespread belief that successful aging is solely dependent on physical condition and health."


"I was struck with how often the theme of "health" kept coming up, despite the finding that "health" is not the key factor. Another hmmm."

Old superstitions die hard but the good news is that they so often finally die and most of us no longer think women shouldn't vote.

As to the semantics through which we get delusional words/phrases ("attitude" - "will power") into use even though we KNOW (whatever that means!) that just spouting words does not inform. Most of these terms have no territory to map; e.g. in sports when someone just scored they are said to have "momentum" which is just another utterance saying the same thing as that they just scored, but whole philosophies become built around "momentum" manipulation rather than around scoring.


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