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Gimp groups, Alito and 'deaf'

On Monday Ragged Edge reported that the American Association of People with Disabilities and the National Association of the Deaf had sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Arlen Specter (R.-PA) and ranking committee member Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) urging them to ask Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito some hard questions about his views on disability rights.



If it's any consolation, I have been noticing it as well. And although it ground on my nerves, it hadn't occurred to me to say anything about-- well, that's not quite true either, the real truth is that I pretty much thought that "this must really grind the teeth of many folks in the disability community but if they aren't complaining then maybe I'm wrong."

Still, that's not a good excuse on my part and from here on in will say something because it happens often and with many phrases eluding to a word that happens to fit many of us in the disability community.

Okay, I confessed. Now who else out there has also noticed this but hasn't said a word thinking things like I did or similar? Com'on--time to fess up. (it does do a heart a world of good to fess up--I feel better already about what I saw, heard and felt yet said nothing at the time of how (grrrrrr!) it had me feeling inside. Why just this fess-up post alone, my honor is restored, not to mention my horrible silence was absolutely wrong but now corrected, as that happens to be one of those things I adamantly oppose. So from now on and always it will be the spoken/typed mentioning of these things rather than worry about what others may think.)

Another resolution on my part.

Com'on, go ahead folks, there's no shame in it--just misconception and this is what we're fighting against, so certainly it should start with us, right? Right.


Does "tone-deaf" count as "deaf" in insults? It refers to a completely different (if still insulting in the context) problem, much like colorblind isn't the same as blind.

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