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Haleigh Poutre Goes to Rehab

Haleigh Poutre, whom Lisa Blumberg wrote about last week, was moved to a "special unit of a Brighton rehabilitation hospital " late last week.

The Boston Globe's Patricia Wen, who's covered the Poutre story since last fall, wrote that the girl was now "living with nearly 40 other patients like her who have neurological and other injuries that require round-the-clock care and extensive physical and speech therapy."


Aren't tubes really attached to people, rather than the other way around? That's a bugaboo I always notice in these stories. And note: ALL children, with or without a disability, require round-the-clock care (at least sometimes).


Penny writes,


Yes, that's exactly right! And that's a given; a normal part of ife. Yet in stories when "round the clock care" is used in connection with a disability, it always comes across as this huge burden ... to society, to the economy, to the "caregiver" [sic] ....


Wow, somehow I missed this post way back in January. But anyway, I toldja. I toldja this was gonna happen. Didn't I tellya? It's never a question of consciousness or responsiveness; it's a question of walking and talking and eating with a spoon. You're certainly correct, MJ: "round-the-clock" is used to make it seem like Haleigh is now a real pain in the ass.

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