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Shamed into silence?

We've posted a fine article by Lisa Blumberg in Ragged Edge's CloserLook dept. today on the strange and sad case of Haleigh Poutre, the abused western Massachusetts 11-year-old who lapsed into a coma last fall and is now evidently coming out of it -- just a day after the Massachusetts Supreme Court OK's cutting off "life support." Please read Blumberg's article. And please post a comment there as well.


You know what I think? I think people, especially those with disabilities, if for no other reason than it will put their voices out there, should start asking what the difference between a person, not a "vegetable", who is born with no ability to speak or move, is worth more than those who end up this way later in life due to tragic circumstances. The reason that I believe the disabled community should be the group asking this question, is the shear shock value of the very group of people who are having their lives devalues saying, you're right, sign me up, time for us all to die. Maybe then these ignorants across the country would stand up and take notice of the true atrocity being committed every time a disabled man, woman, or child is pulled from life support simply because, they will never be the same. You know, I just had another thought. I haven't been the same since I met my wife a few years back, maybe I need to die now too. My life has change, so obviously, it can't be worth living. And you if you believe that friends, here is my ocean front property in New Mexico, I'm putting it on the market next week. Any interested parties?

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