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Take that, Clark Critics! Maybe The Boomers Are Reacting.

Perhaps Dick Clark unleashed a floodgate. His appearance New Year's Eve started the tongues wagging and they haven't stopped. On Ragged Edge Online's MediaCircusBlog, blogger Lawrence Carter-Long takes a long hard look at the varieties of the prejudice that spilled forth from our nation's media celebs and pundits at seeing stroke survivor Clark looking "old" and -- gasp! -- slurring words.

But something interesting happened. People noticed the media folks dissing Clark -- and a lot of folks didn't like it. Not just us rabble-rousing crip activists who are always yelling about this stuff. Regular folks, evidently.


Rather than "hearing more about this" perhaps we should hope for having it more in "action evidence" than "discussion/analysis".

Your discovery that there are joined voices in support of DRM's aims who not only "get it" but take activist positions. The phrase "get over it" is almost exactly what we seek and it also doesn't do to assert that Clark himself doesn't "get it" and did what he did from ego rather than advocacy.

When we deliberately corrupted an entire generation (and not just in Berkeley, but also at campuses and other institutions all over the world) we created a time bomb of human rights proponents who, although mostly now hiding behind suits/ties, are enabling/enhancing the connections that will further the abolitionist cause.



I was so happy to see Dick Clark!!!! Congratulations for a job well done. It was a bit startling to hear the first garbled word, but his charisma is still present and isn't that what we really watch Dick Clark for? I hope he continues to recover, but I also hope he continues to be a part of our New Year's Eves for many years to come.

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