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The story they've all been waiting for

Do a Google News search on "Laura Lee Medley" and you get 2 hits -- but there are over 200 separate news outlets running those 2 stories. And that's just today. The number will multiply -- count on it. And we haven't even mentioned the blogosphere, which is having a field day with the story and will probably continue for some days to come.

Yes, Medley's the woman whose story of rising from her wheelchair and running from police after being arrested on a suing-for-injury scam is, even as you read this, settling into its permanent slot in the News Of the Weird Hall of Fame.

There are so many layers to this particular blip on the media radar screen that one blog entry's just not going to do justice to them all.

So let's just start with the lede and go on from there.


I think that it's good that a reporter is finally pointing out that this isn't making someone rich, even if they are pointing it out for the wrong reasons.

Maybe we need to get MTV to do a Special Edition "Cribs" about the "Sue Happy Crips". Then we can educate the nation on what large mansions these people live in all their lives from lawsuit #1 on.


We've got a disabled attorney here in San Diego that makes his living filing ADA suits here in San Diego County. Frequently they are against businesses he's never been to or tried to enter. There's a little mountain community here that specializes in Apple pies and all their buildings are 60 old at least, some on steep hillsides, all have narrow doors throughout. They are for the most part very small businesses like mom and pop gift shops and apple pie bakeries that can't afford to gut their interiors to accomodate wheelchairs AND stay in business so they settle with this suited lizard.

Don't think that no one's gaming the system friend. It's happening, daily.


I always find these examples (like in the above comment) of the many exceptions that should be obviously understood by the disability community interesting. It is not harsh or overreacting to expect basic access-basic treatment..no matter WHAT your business. I'm sure these same Maw and Pop businesses find money for countless other things-if the market for apples demands higher prices for apples, they adjust. As they should for what law AND our society now demands....access. Yes, people take advantage, but many many many more just turn around and go home. It's not up to you or anyone else in our society to decide where I should be granted access based on whether it's worth the trouble, important enough, or worth the money. Apple pie shops to schools....there's no excuse it's nearly 16 years after ADA.



In part you stated: "..... that can't afford to gut their interiors to accomodate wheelchairs AND stay in business so they settle....."

Gut their interiors? Is is really all that hard or expensive to put in wider doors with no steps outside? Just how much, you being there and all, do you suppose this would cost?

And just how much do you suppose that they ended up spending for a Lawyer for not doing these inexpensive "non gutting interior" things?

It is widening a doorway. Any body can do that fairly inexpensive and removal of obstacles into the door. That simple.

Not to mention, it's keeping the Federal Law to do just that. Otherwise these 'Federal Law breaking' mom and pop shops are continually getting away with breaking the Federal Law. Can you do that, break a Federal Law and then think you should have that right to do that for it was too expensive, you thought, to keep it?

Would you tell the judge that you didn't feel you should have to obey a Federal Law because, well, it was too expensive?

Curious questions do come into my mind though, have you violated Federal Laws and think it's just fine? Just asking....

Oh and do you think it's okay that anybody could violate a Federal Law without penalty?

Just asking...

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