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Yet another 'serial suer' story

Bill and Sam Wu of Elk Grove have joined the burgeoning rolls of California business and property owners under siege by serial suers.

The subject of this Jan. 12 Sacramento Bee story by reporter Marjie Lundstrom is "Scott N. Johnson, who is quadriplegic and drives a full-size van with hand controls and a wheelchair lift." Lundstron says Johnson is "a prolific Carmichael, Calif., attorney, who has filed more than 150 disability-access lawsuits since August 2003."


Grrr. If these thoughtless twits would just follow the law and make their establishments accessible, then they wouldn't have to worry about "frivilous" lawsuits!


Small businesses are not the only ones... Is your local independent living center accessible? I dare you to confront this unfortunate reality.

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