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Appeals court rules against UPS in deaf discrimination case

This just in (as they say): AP Wire | 10/10/2006 | Court says UPS discriminated against deaf drivers:

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today affirmed a lower court's ruling against the delivery behemoth United Parcel Service. The shipping company has used a hearing test which "categorically excluded deaf employees from all driving positions."

"We are elated and vindicated," said attorney Larry Paradis of Disability Rights Advocates, the non-profit disability law firm which handled the class action suit. "The ruling sends a clear message not only to UPS, but to all employers, that the law will not permit across-the-board tests which screen out employees with disabilities."

More on the story here.


So once again there are business out there "trying" to help our safety. Sure I understand that they would want their drivers to hear, but just because a person can not hear means that they are a bad driver. Some studies show that deaf people actually drive better because they do not pay attention to the radio or talk on their cell phones, but on the road like most hearing people should. I also think that this case most definately sends a warning out to other business like it should.


I am ex-UPS driver for one year. Honest with you. It's nothing really big issue for Deaf to drive truck because I did drive and delivery packages to customers. Then one year later, they stopped me because they found I am Deaf! They said because of INSURANCE. What's their excuse! Also, DOT is kindly of discriminating also because Deaf CAN drive all trucks period because they took the training class to pass the licence for what?!?!?! Give me a break. Today is more improvement than in the past time so DOT should change the regulation law! Hearing people is Deafophbia! Arghhhhh

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