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LifeCare, lifeboats, murder -- and the Carlyle Group

The latest transgression to be laid at the door of the Carlyle Group? Hurricane Katrina murders.


It is widely held, at least in "American Society" that "mercy killing" is not an oxymoron.

Since those holding this view generally would rather be dead than disabled and, in fact have advocated for laws that would override the old "first, do no harm" oath for doctors and make murder by physicians a part of medicine.

If those advocates believe so strongly in this, they sould take their own medicine - after all they will become disabled pretty soon anyway and since they'd "rather be dead than disabled", the way is clear.

Now that doctors may advertise (wasn't allowed in my youth), perhaps we'll see "comfortable euthanasia as a "treatment" offering by doctors who think it's OK to do.

One interesting note is that an execution (in Texas?) was cancelled because they couldn't find a licensed medical practitioner to give the lethal injection.



Mary have you blogged about this on Kos or the other left leaning blogs? Yes they should be outraged, but after my experiences posting disability perspectives about Schiavo on Kos, I have little hope the white privileged left will get it any more than the white privileged right. When I posted about Schiavo, I was not simply disagreed with, but faced full on attacks. These were not intellectual attacks, but rather personal attacks and comments that were the equivalent of using the "n" word in disability language.

After that experience, I have no hope for outrage.


I am so saddened by these massive dismissals of treachery. A company scandal such as Enron's can be a national focus and make the cover of every prominent magazine, but this gets no more airplay then you are willing to give it here (and thank you for doing so). As one of those privileged white folks, and I do not mean that with disdain, but rather remorse, I'd like to ask that you bear with us, until the mainstream media picks these things up, we usually don't hear of them, I think you would probably find that those of privilege who listen to NPR and haven't already agreed with you, are far and few between. To me, that is a media problem, and why wouldn't it be, they'd be reporting about a coporate sponsor, no doubt, and then how would they make money. Crime be damned so long as the check is written...


has anyone considered the irony of how we've passed all sorts of safety laws (seatbelt, helmet, etc.) on the theory that it's better to be disabled than dead, but the nanosecond someone becomes disabled, the hue and cry suddenly becomes: "it's better to be dead than disabled"?


what, then, is the point?

on the one hand, we pass all these oppressive laws ostensibly to save lives, while on the other hand, we pass a bunch of oppressive laws in order to take the lives that were saved by the oppressive laws that were passed in order to save lives ...

as a nation, we've become hopelessly schizo.


Carrie Lucas asks, "Mary have you blogged about this on Kos or the other left leaning blogs?"

Actually, Carrie, I'd sort of abandoned Kos. I was posting on it regularly for awhile but it seemed so useless... But you reminded me that I should start again. So I've now put this blog entry on Kos. And will try to start posting there regularly again.


WE are outraged and many others - We are the media - We are the people - keep up the good work . . . . swan . . . .


Mary, I think you should try to engage in some dialogue with Atrios. He works with Media Matters and I think that is a connection we need to explore.

I post over at Eschaton occasionally and I got smeared during the whole Schivo discussion as well. But, I don't have to agree with folks on everything to be able to keep important conversations going.



You should get your facts straight before you write such a diatribe. LifeCare is separate from Memorial, they rent space. I have not heard of any news organization claiming definitively that mercy killing occured, as yet the AG for LA has not rendered a verdict and the coroners report has not been published. How dare you condem people in this manner without having evidence.
As for the policy of leaving no one alive behind, that's so that no one is left to fend for themselves in that situation, a clause which you so cleverly distorted to mean "kill them all". Do you even know anyone who worked at the hospital during that time? Trust me, they worked their asses off to evacuate people. Hopefully your next argument will be better prepared.

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