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The Kentucky Derby's only a month away. Here in Louisville, where I blog from, the Derby's a big, big deal. And the news is full of everything and anything racehorsey.

I'm not one to read the sports section usually. But Friday morning my eye fell on the headline Call 'em training wheels in the Courier-Journal lying there on the breakfast table.



Obstacles won't stop trainer Hendricks, Brother Derek.

And here I am trying to figure out ways to get the obstacles out of my way, how silly of me.

It is written of his friends that:

"They would have left if he hadn't shown the amount of engagement that he had and the commitment," he said. "Once he showed the commitment, the owners were comfortable sticking with him."

So, if he would have been really depressed, they would have left him? You know...cause that'd make 'em 'uncomfortable'?

"He's as good a trainer as you'll find out there."

Said Mandella: "He was a good trainer before. He might be great now."

Wow, instead of 'good'--he'll be 'great,' er at least he now has a better potential being disabled and all.

"And if Brother Derek wins the Kentucky Derby, there might not be a dry eye on the backstretches of the Southland race tracks."

"Anybody that knows the story anywhere will be rooting for him," Mandella said.

Well I guess so! He went from 'normal' status to 'disabled' role model!

Added Solis: "It would mean a lot to all of us, the guys in his barn, the exercise rider ... for being associated with such a great leader."

So THAT'S the ticket to getting people to call me a 'great leader' and finally want to be associated with me. If only I had known! As it stands, nobody calls me a great leader nor do many want to associate with me. Sheesh! When oh when will I learn!!


Thank you for this article! I use a walker, and own a well bred broodmare that never raced and now have a half brother to Brother Derek. My family thinks I should get rid of my horses, because I'm not as mobile as they think I should be to own horses. They don't think I can manage a small horse farm. But I could! Because I will just do things differently! Yours, Ms. G. Jay Regier
P.S. My colt looks a lot like his half brother.

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