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Are murders by fire and suffocation "national news material"?

Today many autism blogs have declared a day of memorial for Katie McCarron, killed by her mother -- suffocated, according to reports -- for the "crime" of being autistic.

And police have charged an Oregon couple of killing their 19 year old autistic son, Christopher DeGroot, locking him in the apartment last Friday, then setting fire to it.

It almost boggles the mind.


These realities of out and out Killing/Murder make my stomach ill with sadness and rage. What evil lurks within too many people I fear to ask. The statistics would probably cause all peoples with any imperfection to tremble with fear.

I'd go so far as to say that any person considered "inconvenient" according to others or society as a whole, would and rightly should fear as well.

Just read many different news stories in many different papers, in many different countries and the truth of this evil pervading and even growing should cause any decent human being anger, sadness and action. Perhaps then they will speak out voice by voice until National News Medias begin to realize it is not something that can be hidden forever.

Like yourself, it will be interesting to see if this is picked up by any National News agencies.

Thankfully at least one Columnist, Phil Luciano, had the truth, put to print. For a change, there is a title not swayed by what we usually see.

Yes, we have a long way to go and next time, for sadly enough there will be a next time, perhaps more than one Columnist will join in his intregrity and honor.

The Pen is mightier than the sword. Time to see that reality put to honorable use such as has been done by Phil Luciano.

He and the Grandfather have insight that needs exposing. This is a start in the right direction.

God bless the Grandfather and Phil Luciano.



Don't be too quick to bestow thanks and congratulations on Phil Luciano. Prior to publishing the piece that consisted mainly of the grandfather's statements, Luciano was the *main* voice leading the sympathy party for the mother. No doubt that is exactly why the grandfather called Luciano.

And he didn't apologize for *any* of it - just put the grandfather's statements out without comment our endorsement.

Read his earlier columns before bestowing kudos.


I know exactly why it isn't getting national attention.

Autism Speaks, who put out that godawful video, is owned by NBC.

No way is NBC going to TOUCH this, because they essentially CAUSED it. So just sweep it under the rug like the Wrights and Allison Tepper Singer (woman in the green sweater who wants to kill her daughter) want...it's just a regular run of the mill local story, right?

But man, a beauty queen 5 year old gets killed and the media is all over it for a decade. Something is wrong here.


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