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In the continuing media attention given to Ashley's Treatment, CNN today posts what I suppose they consider a representative sample of emails they've received on the story. Reading Controversial care: Your e-mails - CNN.com makes you wonder if there has ever been such a thing as a disability rights movement.

As if to underscore the marginality of disabled people as to having any kind of stake in things that are done to them, the CNN Quick Poll appearing in the left-hand column of this web page asks, "Who should have the final say on allowing disabled people to have controversial surgeries?" Voters can select one of two choices: "Caregivers" [sic] -- or "Ethicists."

This speaks volumes.


On my blog, today, I have writen on Martin Luther King. There is an example for us in the "previous" Civil Rights Movement, and that is, we must not remail under the "invisible" cloak thrown upon us, but we must raise our own voice. We need to find a leader with a clear vision, who can give voice to our Civil Rights.

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