Dozens Of Bodies Found In Nursing Homes And Hospitals After Hurricane Katrina

By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express (subscribe)

NEW ORLEANS --More than 1,300 bodies have been recovered in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina -- 1,075 in Louisiana and 230 in Mississippi -- according to a report in a recent New York Times.

Louisiana officials released a list of locations where bodies have been found since the storm hit in late August. While it is clear that most died alone, dozens died at nursing homes, including 13 listed at the Lafon Nursing Home of the Holy Family, and 32 listed at the St. Rita's Nursing Home.

That list did not include New Orleans Memorial Hospital, where 45 bodies were found two weeks after the storm. Initial reports suggested that some patients were euthanized by medical staff, but autopsy results since then have not been able to confirm whether they died because of the heat and their medical conditions or were "assisted" in their deaths.

The operators of St. Rita's have been charged with negligent homicide in the deaths of nearly three dozen residents, for allegedly failing to move them out before the storm hit.

The Pantagraph recently reported on rescuers' efforts to get St. Rita's residents out after the flooding began.

"Louisiana Releases Details on Deaths From Hurricane Katrina and Later Flooding" (New York Times)
"Nursing home rescue still haunts helpers" (The Pantagraph)
"500,000 Hurricane Katrina Survivors And Workers Might Need Mental Health Services" (Medical News Today)

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