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Learning from Planned Parenthood

by Mary Johnson, editor, Ragged Edge Online

I'm sitting in the Killer Coffee Shop reading this a.m.'s New York Times and there -- on page A20, I believe -- is a photo of a woman protesting Bush's Monday nomination of Harriet Miers to fill Sandra Day O'Connor's shoes. The woman in the photo's got a big sign: "Will Miers Save Roe?" with "plannedparenthood.org" underneath. (You can see the photo here).

It's a big sign, a very professional sign, printed up -- well, when? How long have folks known that Miers was going to be nominated? Not long -- or else the U.S. Media were in collusion not to spill the beans (which is doubtful.).

But Planned Parenthood knew about Miers. Or else they moved pretty fast. Or both.

A Florida PP contingent held a protest Monday that was covered here -- and you can see more photos.

Planned Parenthood's website's full of stuff about Miers. Not to mention their press release.

Why am I bringing all this up in a blog that's supposed to be about disability? Because it is a very good example of how quickly other national groups can move into the media spotlight. They plan, they prepare. Yeah yeah, that Planned in its name is significant, you're saying. But that's not it. Lots of groups do this kind of thing.

Why don't disability rights groups?

No money? I think that's only part of the reason, frankly, and that too often it's used as an excuse. I think our groups could do better at this sort of thing

Responding to: Learning From Planned Parenthood:

I strongly agree that the PWD community can do better and the excuse should not be no funding. Many are opening and extending areas of media and have no support from the PWD community they assist on both local and national levels and they are doing this without funding as well.

Consider this: Time-lines are important for press releases; consider the amount of free press if the Press release for our events were sent timely..... meaning early usually two to three weeks prior. Just this are a lone can be improved.

It is about us participating just as much as media and considering our media as main media. It would make a huge difference if the PWD community, leaders, advocates, organization and media makers worked together. Our media is not " special ". There is not just one person being " the person in the PWD community as media " ... we all are a part of media.

The potential to build on by connections/Partnerships opens up more interest and thus extends areas of coverage..... key element.


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