January 06, 2006

Something Risqué In Denmark

Denmark's Vegener Hansen, who has cerebral palsy, thinks sex with prostitutes is as important as eating. And he is fighting for your right to screw.

Because prostitution is legal in Denmark. Hansen, 59, believes the state should subsidise visits to his home by prostitutes in the manner they would pay for meals-on-wheels.

According to an article in the UK's Observer newspaper, Hansen is making a case that his local authority unfairly made a moral judgment when it rejected his application for financial support to bring prostitutes to his flat. If a social appeal board finds in his favour later this month, all Danish councils will have to obey the ruling.

What say you, circus-goers: Should sex (with or without prostitutes) be the next taboo targeted in the battle for full, um, inclusion?

Posted by Lawrence Carter-Long

Posted on January 06, 2006