March 10, 2006

The Left and 'Deaf"

This in my e-mail this a.m. from the Leftie news site Truthout news alert service:

Sidney Blumenthal | Bush: A Deaf Man Spouting

"Deaf" is in this story for one reason only, and the reason's not good: it's being used metaphorically. That's something opinion writers seem to simply love doing. It's such a convenient word, "deaf," that can be used to mean.... well, all manner of insulting things. In this case "deaf" is substituting for "out of touch":

A videotape of Bush's briefing before Hurricane Katrina exposes him as out of touch with reality.

Doesn't this bother anybody but me?

If it does bother you, click on the link -- at the story is another link where you can comment to Truthout. Please do so.

Posted by Mary Johnson

Posted on March 10, 2006