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ADAPT Takes on DC Again...

ADAPT is in DC this week protesting Medicaid cuts, and there's plenty to protest. "I feel like I've got a target painted on my back," said Tennessee ADAPT's Randy Alexander in a press release. Alexander is an organizer of the 3 month old Citizens to Save TennCare protest at the Tennessee state capitol. Follow this week's actions here.

The disabled are the largest and most diverse group of people in this nation. The most diverse group of people acknowledged. Does anyone really think that this country actually cares what happens to us? The rap singer who made the statement; “Bush hates Black people”, concerning the treatment of the black people who were discarded like trash in New Orleans, after Katrina. Where is our spokesperson? I wonder if the people in this country know or cares, about the way we the disabled are treated? Where is our Martin Luther King? Where the leaders who would stand up for us? Convene a march on Washington? Who would stand up for us? There needs to be change NOW! Not tomorrow. We need to stand up (a metaphor) and let the leaders of this country know that we will not “go into the good night “ ignored. Our government wants us to fade into the darkness to never be seen or heard from. I really believe if, our government could find away to eradicate all us in a quite way, just like Hitler did to the people he found “undesirable.”, they would! They want us to disappear. Well, I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being treated like an undesirable. I will never go into that good night quietly.

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