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Driver hits, kills, Jacksonville wheelchair user

From FirstCoastNews in Jacksonville, FL:

Police say Leslic Campbell drove his motorized wheelchair into
oncoming traffic. Campbell was flown by helicopter to Shands
Hospital, where he later died.

Police say the teenage driver had the right of way and did not see
the wheelchair until it was too late.

Another version from Channel4 News: "Preliminary reports from police indicated that the driver was not at fault."

Hmmm... and why might Mr. Campbell have been driving his chair in traffic in the first place? Couldn't have been that the sidewalk was inaccessible and/or had inadequate curb cuts, could it? Nawwww...

Then again, how can we expect First Coast News to follow up on that angle when they headline the story "Wheelchair-Bound Man Hit By Car"?!

Mark Romoser
Honolulu, HI

Could have been a suicide, or just plain stupidity. But, then one could not blame the bad, bad non-disabled world. Not allowed around here, right? Exactly the same thing would have happened to a person who ran into traffic. The effort to apply a double standard is laughable.

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