January 09, 2006

Attorney Sues More Businesses in Julian CA

Attorney Ted Pinnock filed suit last Thursday against nearly a dozen owners of the small stores in the "Stonewall Shops" mall in Julian. The shops, according to the suit, all have steps along the "path of travel."

Thursday's filing is the latest in a number of suits being filed -- or planning to be filed -- by Pinnock against stores in the small town of Julian, CA.

Pinnock says that since he sent them letters notifying them of his intent to sue them if they didn't make moves to become accessible, a number of Julian businesses insist they believed they didn't have to comply with federal access requirements of the 1990 American with Disabilities Act, since architectural guidelines approved for the historic town didn't specify access. Moreover, he says, some businesses have insisted the guidelines prohibit them; from making changes for access.

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Posted on January 09, 2006