November 18, 2005

When you comment, your email address remains private

A reader emailed us recently: "I'd like to post a comment but I don't want people to know my email address." Fair enough. Ragged Edge respects your privacy, too. When you go to the "comments" section at the end of any story, you can post a comment. You do need to enter a name and an email address, but the email address is for verification purposes only. It will never show up on our website.

We've now added a line to the email entry box that explains this.

Someone at Ragged Edge has to "approve" each comment that gets posted -- that's to ensure that it's a legitimate comment and not spam. (We get a lot of spam!)

If you wish to post a comment intended for our staff -- just write "private" or "not for publication" in the top line and we won't post it publicly.

Do please comment on our stories -- that's how we build community!

Posted on November 18, 2005