January 11, 2006

Access activism

A look at some of the topics in Ragged Edge Online's libraries and archives.

Bring access to your neighborhood! This series of articles from our libraries and archives focuses on grassroots efforts to gain access to businesses.

Do A Sweep! Bring access to your neighborhood -- the Midtown Way! In this article from the Jan./Feb. 2000 issue, Josie Byzek tells how you, too, can get your neighborhood businesses to finally obey the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Related articles:
Midtown Sweep follow-up

Backsliding & Bigotry: Carol Cleigh finds an old access complaint needs renewing.

A Volunteer Ticketing Program by Carol Cleigh

Grassroots activists have filed pro se access lawsuits. Here are three articles that look at the pros and cons of this process:

Pro Se? Nothing to it!

Read about a pro-se victory

The Pro Se Project: A dissenting view -- a lawyer's perspective from Amy Robertson.

Related blog: John Kelly's NAG.

Be sure to check out our earlier news archives on this or related topics -- or use our search feature to find more articles.

Posted on January 11, 2006