December 15, 2005

The Yellow Sign

Chava Wilig Levy, a magazine writer who lives in New York, writes in her blog Talking to Myself,

Over one of our Sabbath meals, our daughter casually remarked that a new sign had been installed several yards away from our home. Rectangular and yellow with black letters, it read, "Blind Person Area."

Many of you know that my husband Michael is blind. Thank God, he is exceptionally skilled at navigating all over the place with his cane. Hey, after living in Manhattan for 30-odd years, he ought to be!

Both Michael and I were at best surprised and at worst stunned by this piece of news.

Her The Yellow Sign blog entry chronicles the reactions the couple have to the sign:

* Who arranged to have this sign put up - our neighbors, our friends or total strangers?

* Who chose the wording?

* Why were we not included in this decision?

* Do we have the right to insist that the sign be removed?

"Michael and I have decided to fight this intrusion on our civil rights," she writes in her second blog entry about it. Find out what they're doing at The Yellow Sign, Part 2.

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Posted on December 15, 2005