The once-in-a-lifetime T-shirt offer

You'll never have the chance again:

ADAPT, the grassroots direct action group that "started it all" -- blocking buses in the early 1980s, leading (we kid you not) to passing the 1990 ADA -- is auctioning off what it calls "the first disability rights T-shirt."

And, OK, they don't have a blog, but they do have a website, and you can go there and learn all about the soon-to-be-famous shirt and all it's done: It was the first ever shirt at the first national ADAPT demonstration in 1983. It's been exhibited at the Smithsonian institution.

Go NOW and check it out!

Johnny Crescendo puts it like this:

Imagine having Martin Luther King's shirt he wore on the first day of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Imagine having the dress Rosa Parks wore when she refused to give up her seat?

Imagine having Gandhi's loincloth?

Imagine having Malcolm X's glasses?

Imagine having this historic T- shirt?

Read all about it -- and put in a bid -- at

It's signed! It has an affadavit!

Bidding runs through February.

And while you're thinking about getting that ADAPT piece of history, check out our Disability Rag READER, To Ride the Public's Buses: The Fight That Built a Movement.

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