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Woman with Asperger's Wins Discrimination Suit

A woman with Asperger's Syndrome has won discrimination case against Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College in El Cajon, CA, where she was employed, reports the Neurodiversity Weblog.

After the woman, known here as L. K, disclosed having Asperger's, she had her family's health benefits terminated and her email account blocked, among other things, said her suit.

In October 2003, GCCCD administration placed her on an indefinite "illness leave".... On October 7, 2005, after a two-week trial, the El Cajon, California jury awarded L.K. damages for lost wages, lost benefits and mental distress in the total amount of $299,402.88.

The jury concluded that the employer subjected its employee with disability to disparate treatment...

More, with comments from L. K.'s attorney, here.

Dr. Gary Namie from Bullying Institute published an editorial about this case at:


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