January 04, 2006

Disability Cool Google?

Google's logo today is... Braille! Well, sighted person's Braille, anyhow. Little dots. Disability cool? Well, of course! It's Louis Braille's birthday, which we learned when we nosed around a bit. It popped right up in the alt tag when you put the cursor over the logo.

Check it out. Well, this was on Jan. 4. If you click the link now, you won't see it. Too bad.

We were alerted to this by an email; another email swiftly followed from another person: " The irony here is that Google's products are largely inaccessible to blind users. Well, at least they alt tagged the image."

No; Google isn't a blog but it's a web thingie so we thought we'd just put this in the WorldOBlogs Dept.

Anybody know about Google and access?

Posted by M Johnson

Posted on January 04, 2006