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Blogging Against Disablism Day

. . . Is coming right up -- 1st May 2006. It's being spearheaded by Diary of a Goldfish:

I haven't had time to go to the link yet. Sounds kind of interesting, but bizarre name, that I'm torn about accepting. I was going to college in Vermont when a professor of mine first used the words "ablism" and "disablism". He made it clear he was experimenting with words. He also made it clear what he meant by the terms, "disablism" meaning almost like feminism, but for the disabled. Personally, explained like that, it seems "disablism" could arguably be something to strive for in our societal subset. Although, on the other hand, any "ism", sometimes by definition, implies superiority over others, and discrimination. Reverse discrimination is not the way to get heard.

Anyhow, just a response on the curious title of the day, nothing more.

Cory, spina bifida

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