May 24, 2006

Online memorial to Katie McCarron

Over at Autism Hub today, over 20 autism blogs are paying tribute to 3-year-old Katie McCarron, murdered by her doctor mom a week ago Saturday.

Here's a sample:

"Dear Katie," writes A. M. Baggs on the ballastexistenz blog, "You don’t know me. You will never know me. You were murdered when you were three years old."

But we have something in common: We are both autistic. Both of us have brains that work differently than usual, perceive and respond to the world differently than usual. I wish I could have known you. I bet you were a beautiful and interesting child. . .

I can remember being your age. I remember colors, smells, sounds, and the way the world seemed like a neverending kaleidoscope of experiences, many of which I didn’t understand the way typical people understand things, until later. But I was there, I was experiencing them, in my way, just as I bet you were. . . . ( Read more. )

"I am positively revolted when I read quotes that would imply any degree of understanding or hint at condoning the taking of my granddaughter's life," Michael McCarron of Indianapolis, Katie McCarron's grandfather, told Peoria Journal Star columnist Phil Luciano, calling it "a very straight-forward murder case.

"This was not about autism. This was not about a lack of support," he said.

Read the interview.

Posted on May 24, 2006