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August 15, 2005

My must-read blogs

I'm fairly new to this blogging thing, but I find that I return to certain blogs with regularity. Among my must-reads are The Gimp Parade, which was probably the first blog I came upon that gave me an idea of what a blog could do with disability stuff. Kay Olson writes:

This blog will be for book and movie critiques that focus on the treatment and characterization of disability. I imagine I will also find time for periodic tirades of a political nature regarding disability rights.

Just my cup of tea -- critiques and tirades! I visit The Gimp Parade every chance I get.
I am also fond of a quirky little blog called either Midlife Treachery or "Did I Miss Something?" -- I'm not sure about these blog names. Some midlife stuff, some feminism, some disability, but unfailingly cool. Worth a visit everytime.
A blog surf wouldn't be complete either without a visit to the Temple University Studies blog (Disability Studies, Temple U.). Penny Richards does many of the postings on it and she's usually ahead of me on the news curve -- at least on certain things: well over a month before I'd noticed it, she had posted on the Temple U blog about the Harry Potter books being so quickly available as e-books and audio books.
I also visit Sam Bagenstos's Disability Law blog. Although Sam's legal talk is often over my head, I can usually count on his blog to alert me to recent rulings about things I know I should know about.
COMMENT-BODY::) It's "Did I Miss Something," the URL is just well, the URL that didn't make as nice and tidy a title as I wanted, so... Thanks...
COMMENT-BODY:Those are all great blogs. The one at Temple U is very enlightening! Who knew? I didn't know about the Disability studies at Temple U. Thank you for posting those. These are all great. Now we can learn, share, teach, learn some more and on and on.

Good stuff all around.

Posted by mjohnson at August 15, 2005 04:23 PM