State-sponsored discrimination against persons with disabilities

The appendix from the "Brief Of Morton Horwitz, Martha Field, Martha Minow And Over 100 Other Historians And Scholars, Amici Curiae In Support Of Respondents" is, says the brief, "a collection of state statutes, session laws, and constitutional provisions that illustrate pervasive state-sponsored discrimination against persons with disabilities, dating from the late nineteenth century through the time of the ADA's enactment and (in some cases) to the present. The collection is representative, rather than exhaustive. The provisions contained herein represent an historical perspective. Some of them remain in effect, and some do not."

The Appendix is an extremely large text document, and may be difficult for slower computers to download. If you have problems downloading this document, please contact us at contact145@advocadopress.org and we can e-mail you the document.

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