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Woman Got Wheelchair, But No Way To Use It

CRAWLEY, ENGLAND--Linda Critton says she's devastated because National Health Service officials last week took away her electric wheelchair, which she had for six months but never got to use.

Critton told the Surrey Mirror that she had been given the wheelchair in November after her doctor ordered it so she could enjoy independence and freedom following two strokes.

But Critton never got to use the wheelchair.

That's because no ramp was installed to allow her to get out the door.

"I'm devastated that it's been taken away from me," she said. "I badly need an electric chair for my freedom. Everyone has a right to get around."

"It's a terrible waste."

NHS officials said they could not comment on individual cases.

"'I'm devastated my wheelchair has been taken away'" (Surrey Mirror)

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I have a comment on this poor lady having her electric wheelchair taken away. I was oked by Medicare and had a ramp built for a Hoveround electric wheelchair. One year later Medicare wrote me a letter saying they were not going to pay for the chair I had been useing over a year. Thank God for Hoveround they are going to take Medicare to court if that is what it takes. They fully rep. me with Doctor's orders in hand. So people don't take this,you didn't asked to be handicap. Raise hell about it call or write every elected offical in your distric. If you have to make you a sign and sit in front of there building's and tell anyone who will listen you're story. You are a living person you have right's. Don't ball up and die like they won't you to do. Live! God bless you


Ron (above) writes, "Thank God for Hoveround they are going to take Medicare to court if that is what it takes. "

Be sure to let us know what happens and when Medicare has paid up!

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