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Social Workers Disciplined For Illegal Parking

By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express

CHICAGO--Three state employees have been disciplined for parking illegally in spaces reserved for motorists with disabilities.

The three, all employees of the Illinois Department of Human Services, were parking for free using placards that had been legally issued to other drivers.

The Department coordinates a number of services for Illinois residents, and includes the divisions of Developmental Disabilities, Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, and Rehabilitation Services.

WFLD-TV discovered and reported that Celena Jeffries, Amanda Howard and Tina Flemons had been parking illegally near DHS's administration building.

DHS spokesman Tom Green said Wednesday that all three "owned up to using the placards illegally and agreed to stop". He said that in at least one case, the placard had belonged to a family member.

Green did not indicate how any of the three were disciplined.

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my comment to this story is this,those people who used the placard illeagally,i dought anything at all happened to them,but you know,if they did'nt work for the state of illinois,they would have to pay a fine,and court cost's. how do i know all this,i grew up in the suburbs of chicago for 27yrs,and i made myself a promise a long time ago,that i would never ever live there again,i have to visit,my whole family still lives there,but i don't have to live there. there laws out there are strange,especially driving laws. i live in colorado now,thanks john

Arrrgh! As a wheelchair user and a social worker, this story really roasts my toast. What a disgrace to the social work profession.

This practice continues. Today, Feb.9,2006 there were 14 cars (out of 28 meters) with Placards parked on Jefferson St. between Adams and Monroe. That is ONE BLOCK! These abusers are saving over $2,000(EACH) in metered parking annually that they do not have to pay, so they continue to risk being caught. No one seems to care. It's criminal.

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