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Advertisement showing a monkey and a woman, reading 'Love is Blind Unless You've Had Laser PRK' Many longtime readers have asked that we bring back this popular department from Disability Rag days. So here it is! This first example of something "we wish we wouldn't see" comes from a series of ads in The Denver Post last year. Both ads are for the Spivak vision clinic. They each show two pictures. In the first ad (shown at left), the top picture, of a monkey in a wedding dress, is headlined "Love is Blind". The picture below is of a lovely woman in a wedding dress. Its headline is "Unless you've had lazer P.R.K." The ads are for the lazer P.R.K. treatment at Spivak Vision Clinic.

Another ad (not shown) has a child's drawing, a scribble really, of a woman. The headline reads, "love is blind." The picture below is a reproduction of the Mona Lisa. It says "Unless you've had lazer P.R.K."

Both ads were submitted together, by Laura Hershey of Denver.

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