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Highway Harassment



When I walked across New Hampshire, I found it difficult. I could not backpack at the time, because of spinal stenosis, so I used a wagon to carry my things. It was almost impossible getting up and down curbs. Having to go around cars blocking driveway ramps would cause my wagon to spill over. The trip taught me to see what it would be like to be in a wheelchair (I had been told I would be by the end of the year) . It would be impossible to be in a wheelchair and get around on many of the streets and in most of the towns and cities I traveled through.

Sherryl-Annette Snyder, Rockford, IL

I was stopped in a small town in Kansas. I was wheeling down the middle of a brick street because the sidewalks were a mess for a wheelchair. But the street sloped down to the middle, so i had a problem keeping my manual charge at the edge of the roadway. A police officer stopped me.

It was the same police officer who had earlier ticketed me for parking by my daughter's door Someone had taken her parking spot. My car's rear was blocking a car from getting out, but wouldn't go out and move mine, as i didn't want people to see me how i walked. I was ticketed. Needless to say i did not pay the fine. This happened some years back, and i don't live in that town any more.

I asked my lettercarrier if I could have my mailbox moved to the other side of the road, as the road is a muddy mess. She replied that it wasn't her fault the roads were like that.

So I don't get my mail but once a week, and if the road is muddy i wait longer than that to get it.

I get so sick and tired of stores where the aisles are cluttered with items in the way so one can't get through, or where there's not enough space to wheel through the aisles without clothes on racks getting pulled down while one goes by.

Ginger Parker, Sharon, KS

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