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Web Links of Interest

Disability-rights issues
Assisted suicide and right-to-die issues:

National attendant services issues:
  • ADAPT, American Disabled for Attendant Services Today.
Community living and de-institutionalization:
  • the National Clearinghouse on Managed Care and Long-Term Supports and Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families
Deafness, ASL and interpreting: Universal design, accessible environment issues: Disability studies:
  • SDS, the website of the Society for Disability Studies
A new disability news service: Other disability rights and culture stuff, in no particular order
  • COOL LINKS from ACIL, Dayton's Access Center For Independent Living.
Just fun stuff . . .
Americans with Disabilities Act documents
Other items of interest
This is a compendium of links to disability-related organizations and Websites around the world that the editors have chosen on the basis of their civil-rights perspective and/or informational content. It makes no pretense of being comprehensive; for instance, we generally don't link to agencies or commercial organizations. We're always happy to review a site and consider it for inclusion, however, so please feel free to use the link above to tell us about your favorites!


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