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Garfield writes on November 23, 2006,

Those issues I believe were eventually worked out. But the whole thing reminds me of what the anonymous webmaster of www.gettingthetruthout.org said about the people who said there was no hope for her vs the people who said she could be cured of a. . . (MORE)

jeff writes on October 17, 2006,

It seems pretty ironic that at the heart of "new urbanism" lies the issue of accessibility within a community and creating a communnity that embraces the various facets of our lives, and yet these developments largely have not delt with the access. . . (MORE)

Kathryn writes on October 14, 2006,

Thank you for the article regarding Arthur Miller's child w/Down Syndrome (Arthur and Daniel, by Michael Bailey)
. As a proud parent of a child w/DS. . . (MORE)

Jerry Chenoweth writes on October 14, 2006,

RE: Adult Protective Services vs. Jerry Chenoweth, by Laura Hershey: I was the victim of circumstances, in which I was held like a common criminal, that was very DANGER. . . (MORE)

Elaine Neiswender writes on October 13, 2006,

Thank you for putting this online! I am disabled from when a vehicle lost control and significantly injured me. I filed an ADA lawsuit and have been harrasseed, humiliated, run out of town, and assaulted. Not only that, but the person who was comp. . . (MORE)

Robert writes on September 29, 2006,

I amn ot pleased with the authors referring to televised fund raising activities as hurting thjose with disabilities. I am assuming that the author does not have any major disabiilty or I doubt she would be so vocal in her thoughts. Espectially th. . . (MORE)

William Loughborough writes on September 21, 2006,

At the end of Cal's piece is "She says that at times she's been judged to be too low-functioning to consent to or refuse medical treatment, benefit from e. . . (MORE)

Roger D Braasch writes on September 04, 2006,

Some US President in our history once said, "Just Follow the Money". Maybe a US Attorney General said it.
I am very interested in actuall figures of where the MSDA telethon monies are being spent. Your site does not address those monetar. . . (MORE)

K O writes on August 03, 2006,

In reference to the comment by Kell regarding Murderball... This movie is not for the faint of heart - you have to understand that this is a documentary. It also highlights the fact that adjusting to life with a disability is an ugly process. Havi. . . (MORE)

Monica writes on August 01, 2006,

Any comments from the community about "Emmanual's Gift", the movie?

. . . (MORE)

Sheryl P writes on July 14, 2006,

I am writing about the disabled person having to sit in a section where he can't see Dr. Phil (My Dr. Phil Nightmare: 'Special' segregation at the Dr. Phil Show<. . . (MORE)

Athena Ivan writes on July 06, 2006,

re: the article about inspiration...and people with differences:
Very well written. As an autistic person I can appreciate the content on a personal level. I al. . . (MORE)

Kell writes on July 06, 2006,

About "Murderball"...
I've avoided seeing the movie because of rumors that "rauch culture" shows up predominantly, i.e. as blatant misogyny and obscenity. (One example was calling men "bitch" or other misogynist names as insults, along with . . . (MORE)

Eileen Queen writes on June 26, 2006,

How do I protest?

For several months (really!) I have looked for rules to protest by. I want to protest a local McDonalds that provides access to its "restaurant" in a path from the two parking spaces, across two lanes of traffic, thru the. . . (MORE)

david betchley writes on June 18, 2006,

Re: The way things are, by Cal Montgomery, 9.8.2005. Yes it is a while since the article was 'posted' but my google search was only needed today...and I. . . (MORE)

Gwen Holmes writes on June 10, 2006,

I read your article titled "The Wrong Message--Still." Strong feelings seemed to just lift off the pages. However, there is a book titled BLACK LIKE ME where . . . (MORE)

Holly Winter writes on May 31, 2006,

Re: My Dr. Phil Nightmare
'Special' segregation at the Dr. Phil Show

Oh. Man. I'm so saddened to read a story like this. How could a disabled p. . . (MORE)

Nicholas M Williams writes on May 17, 2006,

Re: Segregation and Discrimination among the Boy Scouts:

The article written by Mr. Peace provided me with another example of discrimination in the Boy Scouts. . . (MORE)

TJ writes on May 06, 2006,

Ed Hooper's predictable MURDERBALL review

MURDERBALL is actually all about the idea that disabled men are still "men"--without deconstructing the . . . (MORE)

Joe Jagella writes on April 22, 2006,

Liberals and disability rights: Why don't they 'get it'?

Sometimes I feel like giving up, to be honest. I’ve been an “advocate” off and on for ye. . . (MORE)

Felicia Nimue Ackerman writes on April 16, 2006,

Re: The Scribes Who Mistook the Crips for The Right:

Evonne Acevedo writes on April 05, 2006,

For John Smith, who was asking about the quote, which I believe is "Pity has always been a kissing cousin of disgust": I believe I read that quote in a print version of The Disability Rag, and I believe it was in an article reflecting on the pheno. . . (MORE)

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